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Welcome to the THEATRE OF LIFE
Theatre Of Life - The Pier - Volume 5
Volume V: The Pier


Enter the world of an abandoned amusement pier, and the mind of the person who allowed it to die.


Theatre Of Life - The Early Years - The Best Of Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4
The Early Years


Enjoy the very best material from the first 4 volumes of Theatre Of Life.


Out Of Print

Volumes I through IV were originally released with accompanying novellas that allowed listeners to read the story of the album while the music played in the background. Although these 4 albums and novellas are currently out of print, much of the music has been re-released on The Early Years, and there are future plans to re-release the novellas along with the novella for The Pier as a single compilation.

Theatre Of Life - Nightmares - Volume 1
Volume I: Nightmares


Follow the story of a man who is haunted by his dreams, each of which fit together over the course of ten consecutive nights to unravel hidden secrets about his life.

Theatre Of Life - Indian Head Suite - Volume 2
Volume II: Indian Head Suite


Follow the parallel fates of an abandoned elementary school and a boy so encompassed by fear that he too allows himself to fall into a state of abandonment and decay.

Theatre Of Life - The Afterlyfe - Volume 3
Volume III: The Afterlyfe


This is the story of two soul mates, torn apart by deep secrets in life, and brought together by complete transparency in one of their deaths.

Theatre Of Life - Our Suffering - Volume 4
Volume IV: Our Suffering


Our Suffering takes us on a journey through a brave soldier’s final thoughts as he flashes back to tell us the story of his life, and a future that has yet to be.

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